From Russia with Love Video Slots

Posted on September 14, 2019Comments Off on From Russia with Love Video Slots

Although the title brings James Bond to mind, this online casino game really is about Russia itself, filling its five reels and twenty-five pay lines with symbols reminiscent of Russian culture like the Kremlin, the Onion, vodka bottles, nesting dolls, a samovar, Russian shoes, a Russian lute, and Russian donuts, as well as playing cards.

Set the denomination each coin represents (from penny play to five dollars), choose the number of coins to bet on each pay line (up to twenty) and how many pay lines to play, and gets set to play.

With the flexibility in the betting, you can play low key or play with the high rollers. Keep in mind, as you choose, that a winning combination pays out only if it’s on a pay line you activated.

Seeing a winning combo show up on a pay line where you won’t benefit could be frustrating, so consider playing all the pay lines. This slots game cannot be beat!

The Onion icon serves as the Wild symbol, substituting for any other symbol (except for the Scatter) in assisting you to line up a matching row for a jackpot.

The Vodka bottle serves as the Scatter symbol, whenever three or more Scatters appear anywhere on the reels (even if the Scatter appears in a pay line that hasn’t been activated).

The free spins pay out with a multiplier determined by the number of Scatters (between five times and two hundred and fifty times your original bet), and the player can trigger a new round of free spins during the original free batch, for an experience of free gaming that can go on almost indefinitely.

The Nesting Dolls (Matroyshka) bonus symbol triggers a bonus round when it appears on the first and fifth reels.

You play your way through five levels, choosing the nesting dolls from the screen to see how many free spins you get—as many as seventy-four, with your winnings doubled on all the free spins!

From Russia With Love slot also offers a “gamble” feature, giving the player an opportunity after every win to multiply that win with a game of chance, except during free spins.

Predict whether a randomly drawn playing card will be a higher or lower card than the showing playing card, with a correct guess doubling your winnings.